32nd Secondary Speech Festival

… and the Oscar goes to…, well there were NO Oscars given, but just the same excitement was felt on Samoana campus (hosting school) on Friday April 6th, 2018 when high school students from all over the territory public and private anxiously await their turn to perform on stage. The 32nd annual Speech Festival was the opportunity once again for students to showcase their acting talents. The Samoana campus was filled with spectators in support of their respective schools.

The schools competed in seven categories (Impromptu, Oral interpretation literature, Story telling, Free-Style poetry, Original script writing, Traditional choral recitation and Contemporary choral recitation). The seven participating high schools this year were Samoana, Nu’uuli Vocational Technical, Tafuna, Leone, Manu’a, South Pacific Academy and Iakina Adventist Academy. The highlight of the event was the Contemporary choral recitation won by Tafuna High School but the overall winner was the hosting school Samoana High School. The event was filmed by KVZK TV and will be televised sporadically for those interested in watching the magnificent performances by our students.

 As they say in theater “until next year…”.



  • SHS Karlinna Sanchez (2) LHS Stephanie Floor (3) THS Akenese Saleutogi

 Oral Interpretation Literature 

(1) SHS Danielle Taiula (2) THS Kionasina Faletoi (3) LHS Saipelia Poloai

Story Telling

(1) SHS Eseta Tai Savea         (2) LHS Faith Seiuli                (3) THS Nellie Lisala 

 Free Style Poetry

(1) LHS & THS                      (2) SHS & SPA                       (3) NVTHS

Original Script Writing

(1) SHS                                   (2) LHS                                   (3) THS

 Traditional Choral Recitation

(1) SHS                                  (2) LHS                                      (3) THS 

 Contemporary Choral Recitation

(1) THS                                   (2) LHS                                       (3) SHS 


(1) SHS                                   (2) LHS                                        (3) THS