Accreditation Visitation 2018

It has been eighteen years since the Accrediting Commission for Schools (ACS), Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) implemented the Focus on Learning (FOL) process to engage our local schools in external and internal evaluations as part of continued school improvement to support student learning. The FOL process allows the opportunity to assess the whole school from four categories. Focus A: Organization for student learning, Focus B: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Focus C: Support for student personal and academic growth and Focus D: Resource management and development.

The process is two-fold, where first, each school is required to submit a written report detailing the operation of the schools as it applies to the four categories mentioned and second, an onsite visitation is conducted by a team sent by WASC to validate the information on the report. The report is submitted to the identified Chairperson of the WASC team late Fall and the onsite visit is scheduled for the Spring semester.

 This school year (2017 – 2018) four of our public high schools (Manu’a, Faga’itua, Tafuna and Leone) are going through the full self study onsite visits. The visitations for a full self study is a week long and at the completion of the week the visiting team will leave the school with a written report of commendations and recommendations based on the written report and their observations throughout the week. This is the same report the team will submit to the WASC commission to decide the term of accreditation for a school. Accreditation terms are from six years with a midterm one-day visit, three years or one year probation.

 Manu’a high school was visited by a two-member team led by Ruley Yanik assisted by local member Tialuga Seloti. The 5 members WASC visiting team to Faga’itua high school was led by Ruley Yanik and team members included Ouchi Harvey, Carol Price, Jon Salinger and local member Alexander Baker. There were 6 members of the WASC visiting team for Tafuna high school, led by Dennis Price assisted by Joyce Kotake-Seo, Sharon Prefontaine, Stacey Robert, Patricia Bergin and Lora-lea LaMarre. The 5 members WASC visiting team to Leone high school was led by Christina Rivera and team members included Sandra Cashman, Gayle Hendricks, Robert Hulbert and local member Luseane Malele.