ASDOE has come a long way from generating the Territorial and School report cards back in 2009, to an initial draft of an accountability system framework, principles & components, to share with all 29 schools.

 The Accountability System Working Group (ASWG) is excited to announce the School Awareness & Outreach Workshops for the EAST and WEST Division schools scheduled this October. It is crucial for schools and parents to be informed of current project expectations.

 Therefore, to accomplish this project objective, the ASWG has organized themselves into 3 teams to provide an overview of the initial draft and solicit feedback from administrators, counselors, teachers and PTA officers. Manu’a, Central & Mid-West divisions are slated for spring 2019.

 A proud feat for the ASWG and as we continue this very critical work to establish a much needed accountability system, we as educators must be cognizant in everything we do, for we are ALL accountable for providing the best public education for ALL of American Samoa’s students, so that they graduate with the necessary college or career readiness skills.

 We are very appreciative of the continued support and guidance from all stakeholders!

 Please visit the ASDOE website for more information on Accountability (OTEA) or email