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OCI Vision: Is to support teachers with curricula and instruction.

OCI Mission: Supports ASDOE’s mission in that we provide support to schools and the community to  that ultimately our students will be successful now and in the future in all content areas that are required  by the department.

 OCI Goals:

  • To facilitate the development of standards and assessments in all content areas;

  • Provide leadership in the development of courses which are aligned with the territorial standards;

  • Provide intensive support to all schools to ensure standards and instructionalprograms are understood and implemented (via professional development,classroom observations, model teaching, purchasing and developing standards-basedcurriculum, etc.);

  • Use data from variety of sources to review and make informed instructional decisionson professional development needs, programs, instructional practices, etc.

The OCI housed all Coordinators and Specialists in all content areas; Art, English and Language Arts, Math, Music, Samoan, Science and Health, Social Studies and Technology. Each Content area has their objectives to fulfill each year in support of the Department of Education’s Five-Year Comprehensive School Based Improvement plan. Included in their objectives are the Special Projects or Extra-Curricular Activities to help promote the learning and teaching of the content in the classroom.

You will learn more about OCI activities, by clicking on any content areas. If you have trouble going on line, please contact our main office at 699-6516/6521 and the secretary will be gladly direct you to a content area of your choice. And if you wish to speak to any Coordinators or Specialists in person, we are located at Tafuna High School lower campus or right across from the airport exit!!!!  

Enjoy and stay informed!


Office of Curriculum &Instruction Professional Development DOK Training Schedule

Mrs. Netini Sene
Assistant Director
Mrs. Magdalene Augafa-Leauanae
Program Director
Office #: 684-699-6516 or 684-699-6518